What is Solar Energy?

The Sun is an infinite source of energy. It serves as one of the best clean energy alternatives to conventional electrical energy. By opting for a Solar Rooftop System, you can turn your home into a solar home and contribute towards making our nation energy independent.

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Abellon Solar provides innovative and reliable rooftop solar solutions for your home by which you can achieve upto 100% savings in your electricity bills.

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Abellon Solar caters to corporates, Hotels, Hospitals, NGO's & Trusts by providing best customized rooftop solar solutions even in challenging scenarios and on variety of roofs.

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End-to-end EPC solutions for hassle-free industrial Rooftop solar system installation experience with an excellent financial returns.

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About Abellon

Abellon is a pioneer in Clean Energy having over a decade of experience of providing sustainable solutions for residences ,commercial establishments,and industries across solar power, biomass based power & heat, and other forms of Clean Energy.

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Abellon Solar

Abellon Solar is one of the leading rooftop solar firms in Gujarat with a vision to provide reliable and quality rooftop solutions, which can last for many years. We have a team of experts with diversified industry experience, who are associated with the organization for more than 10 years.

Our Happy Customers

Feels Great by using Green Source of Energy.

The reason for going solar is to use clean and green source of energy which creates zero pollution and carbon footprint which will ultimately lead to supporting environment and helping in green nation building. Abellon Solar supported me well to make this possible. further need exists for Solar panel suppliers to train individual customers in understanding the basics of electricity use with solar power generation, as also to coordinate the GEDA and Torrent Power approvals process to make it faster.

D. C. Anjaria (Consultant), Residential (2.56kW)
Solar is the Future!

Using solar energy instead of coal energy gives not only huge savings in electricity bills, but also help in protecting the environment by using the clean & green source of energy for at-least next 25 yearsWe proud to help produce 'green energy. Abellon solar has executed the project professionally through which my residence, electricity demand is fulfilled completely and tracking the generation on mobile app daily.

Chandrakant Patel (Businessman) (9.9kW)
Innovation & Technology..Thanks to Abellon Solar!

The process of getting my house energy independent was very simple and hassle free. The DAT installed on my roof makes energy generation more efficient. The solution was very innovative and it feels good to be contributing to clean energy generation. Good Experience with the Abellon Solar Team!

Dxesh Soni (Businessman) (6.4kW Dual Axis Tracker)
Fantastic Experience from Start to Finish!

Abellon Solar did a fantastic job from start to finish. They communicated well from one stage to the next, walked us through the system's easy operation in the end, and left us with a simple-to-understand book with our system's design and operation, warranties and installation documents, and manuals and data sheets. They stressed that they're always available for any questions we have, and the attractive GOVT subsides and other benefits made the decision to go Solar an easy choice for us!

Dr. Ajay Vora, Residential (9.6kW)
On the way to Net Zero. Thank you Abellon Solar

When I first contacted Abellon Solar for a site assessment to see if my home would work for Solar, I received a friendly and quick response and set up an assessment. Turns out Solar was a fit and quickly had options and a proposal to review. I was impressed with my interactions to that point and the bid itself, I didn't bother checking with other companies. They were excellent all the way through design, permitting, and installation. Being new to Solar, I appreciated them explaining things along the way. I'm now up and running with a 3.9 kW system.

Prakash Shah (Businessman), Residential (3.9kW)
Contribution in building a Solar Nation

By installing rooftop solar at my residence, my family members are able to use existing electrical equipment's more freely and can Install new equipment's without any hesitation. This innovative technology is also helping my children to understand the prospects of being able to help decrease environmental pollution.

Prof. Devang Patel, Residential (6.4 kW)
Setting a high standard & Milestone achievement

Due to high consumption of electricity, our overheads sky rocketed like anything and there was no solution except paying huge electricity bill. Abellon Solar came to us and gave exceptional solution for this concern. They have equipped us with single axis Solar tracking system and just after the installation we have noticed drastic decrease in electricity bill. Great solution provided by the great company, also we were very impressed with the care and professionalism of everyone we have dealt with at Abellon. The installation crew was particularly outstanding.

Polio Foundation, Hospital (56.7kW)
Its Powering and sustainability both (Simple. Reliable. Profitable)

When Solar energy is simple, reliable and profitable then why not to take the advantage of it. There are many companies but good companies are very few and I definitely recommend Abellon Solar. Having innovative product portfolio like Dual Axis Tracker Solar rooftop system which gives 35% more generation than the ordinary system, only Abellon Solar has this ability to install. Being a non-profitable organization our motto is to contribute to society as maximum as possible, Solar rooftop comes on priority for us.

Shrimad Rajchandra Adhyatmik Sadhana Kendra, Trust (70kW)

Abellon Promise

Stringent procurement, production and project quality control systems & processes

Design, Installation, Training & Maintenance by highly Skilled and Experienced Team

Dedicated Help Line & Service Team for Hassle-Free After Sales Service

Customer Training and hand holding for efficient generation/troubleshooting

Comprehensive guarantees and warranties Real Time Performance Measurement through digital integration